RWS Market: Repair of TGM and TEM bogies

Having a strong production base – 5 industrial-production workshops (2 of which are main (assembly, diesel and wheel-cart) and 3 others are auxiliary (transport, instrumental, repair and mechanical, repair and construction)), ZTRZ offers its customers a full list of services for repairing units and aggregates.

Ремонт тележек тепловозов и локомотивов

Zaporizhia Locomotives Repair Plant Ltd. is a specialized company that performs overhauls and modernizes the industrial locomotives of the TGK2, TGM23, TGM4, TGM6, TEM2, TEM7, M62, VL series and other modifications.

  • Repair of detached units of TGM23 (B,V), TGM4 (A,B), TGM6 (A,V,D), TEM2 (U,UM,M), TEM7, TEM15, TEM17(18), M62 locomotives
  • Rapair of 211D3 diesel with option to exchange crankshaft and modernization of rods and pistons parts.
  • Repair of D49 diesel with option to echxnage crankshaft to a steel one.
  • Repair of D50 diesel.
  • Repair of unitized hydraulic transmissions UGP750-1200.
  • Wheelsets repair for TGM4, TGM6, TEM2 locomotives. Licenced marking.
  • Repair of powered wheelset unit of TEM locomotives.
  • Repair of TGM and TEM bogies.
  • Solid to tyred wheels wheelset modernization.
  • Installation of rotary screw compressor or sliding vane rotary one.
  • Rapair of PK-35M, VP-3,5/9, PK-5,25, KT-6 compressors.
  • Repair of TK-18(N,S), TK-23S, TK-30 turbocompressors.
  • Repair of hydraulic gears of comressor and ventilator.
  • Electric machines repair (P-21, P-22, P-41, P-72, A-702, PS-U2, TED107, TED118, GP300).
  • Installation of wheel lubricators to extend their lifespan.
  • Installation of capasitor engine start equipment using 10AKB ST-140 battery instead of 32TN450.
  • Modernization of UGP heat exchanger with brass tube sheet.

The plant cooperates with more than 200 enterprises, the main consumers of the plant’s products are METINVEST HOLDING, BT SOLUTIONS, INTERPIPE, NAEK Energoatom, DTEK Energo, CenterEnergo, EVRAZ, Smart HOLDING, ISD, OSTHEM UKRAINE.

The existing production base and trends in the company’s development allow to cooperate with customers from Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova, as well as build fruitful relations with the enterprises of Russia and Kazakhstan.

Zaporizhia Locomotives Repair Plant
Address: Ukraine, Zaporizhia, 69067, vul. Demokratychna, 73
Repair and sales +38 095 500 10 02
Technical department +38 095 449 51 77
Marketing department +38 098 912 60 47, +38 095 574 00 44
Skype: Perekrestv


ZTRZ: Repair of unitized hydraulic transmissions UGP750-1200