According to RZD‘s latest data, in January the volume of loading amounted to 99.2 million tons, which is -4.8% compared to -5.3% and -4.1% in December and November, Railway Supply magazine reports.

Russian economy

RZD loading is one of the key leading indicators of the state of affairs in the industry. In plus, there are only two positions in January: grain: 22.5%, and construction cargo: 8.1%, in which most of them are crushed stone.

Plans for the transition to a standard gauge

Positions in the red:
– coal: -4.3% vs. -4.6% in December
– oil and oil products: -4.9% vs. -0.7%
– coke: -5.1%
– iron ore: -1.4%
– fertilizers: -5.4%
– ferrous metals: -10.6%
– cement: -11.8%
– timber cargo: -29.9%
– non-ferrous ore: -7.4%
– chemicals and soda: -14.6%
– scrap metal: -39.1%
– containers: -2.8%
– industrial raw materials: -24.4%

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