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Repair of TGM and TEM bogies


Zaporizhia Locomotives Repair Plant Ltd.


Zaporizhia Locomotives Repair Plant
Address: Ukraine, Zaporizhia, 69067, vul. Demokratychna, 73
Repair and sales +38 095 500 10 02
Technical department +38 095 449 51 77
Marketing department +38 098 912 60 47, +38 095 574 00 44
Skype: Perekrestv

Repair of TGM and TEM bogies

Having a strong production base – 5 industrial-production workshops (2 of which are main (assembly, diesel and wheel-cart) and 3 others are auxiliary (transport, instrumental, repair and mechanical, repair and construction)), ZTRZ offers its customers a full list of services for repairing units and aggregates.

• Repair of detached units of TGM23 (B,V), TGM4 (A,B), TGM6 (A,V,D), TEM2 (U,UM,M), TEM7, TEM15, TEM17(18), M62 locomotives
• Rapair of 211D3 diesel with option to exchange crankshaft and modernization of rods and pistons parts.
• Repair of D49 diesel with option to echxnage crankshaft to a steel one.
• Repair of D50 diesel.
• Repair of unitized hydraulic transmissions UGP750-1200.
• Wheelsets repair for TGM4, TGM6, TEM2 locomotives. Licenced marking.
• Repair of powered wheelset unit of TEM locomotives.
• Repair of TGM and TEM bogies.
• Solid to tyred wheels wheelset modernization.
• Installation of rotary screw compressor or sliding vane rotary one.
• Rapair of PK-35M, VP-3,5/9, PK-5,25, KT-6 compressors.
• Repair of TK-18(N,S), TK-23S, TK-30 turbocompressors.
• Repair of hydraulic gears of comressor and ventilator.
• Electric machines repair (P-21, P-22, P-41, P-72, A-702, PS-U2, TED107, TED118, GP300).
• Installation of wheel lubricators to extend their lifespan.
• Installation of capasitor engine start equipment using 10AKB ST-140 battery instead of 32TN450.
• Modernization of UGP heat exchanger with brass tube sheet.