Moldova, together with Kazakhstan, is implementing the largest railway repair project.

Railway reconstruction project

Oleg Tofilat, Director General of the State Enterprise “Railways of Moldova” (RMD), stated this in an interview with BasTV, the railway magazine Railway Supply informs.

According to him, this is the largest major overhaul project in the history of independent Moldova (233 km from Bender station to Giurgiulesti station).

“Hopefully, it will initiate a whole series of projects for the reconstruction of the railway infrastructure,” the director said.

Railway reconstruction project

He noted that serious changes are expected at the Basarabeasca railway junction, in particular, “work is underway to launch a Moldovan-Polish project aimed at assembling wagons using the production capacities of the junction.”

According to him, the issue of restoring the Basarabeasca-Berezino railway line remains relevant, which will add even more prospects to the junction.

“The solution to the issue of restoring the branch to the Berezino will become quite real after the end of the war. From my point of view, under the current conditions, the role of the port of Galati (Romania) and the development of its transit potential for the transportation of grain, ore, fuel, etc. are increasing. In this case, the transportation of goods along the route Basarabeasca-Berezino-Artsyz-Odessa will greatly reduce the distance from Ukraine to Galati, as well as to the port of Reni. The Moldovan Railways will only benefit from this, as we will increase the attractiveness of railway transport in the context of regional logistics,” says Oleg Tofilat.

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