Railway track and tram rails heating systems

Eliko – railway track and tram lines heating, heating systems supply! Over 4.000 customers from Poland, European Union, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine and Russia. Biggest Purchasing Groups in Europe, leading manufacturers of heating devices in Europe,  switch point providers for railway and tramway tracks in Europe and North America.

Railway track and tram rails heating systems
Closure rod heaters EGZ

Whilst some 40 years ago M. Sc. Eng. Roman Mońka, together with his wife Elżbieta started introduction of their dream, only few of closest family and friends believed in them. Today, the extensive plant, located on area of over 10,000 m2, employing over 50 people, equipped with modern production lines, is one of the largest in the Czestochowa region.

Once the unrecognizable name, ELIKO has now become synonymous of quality, reliability, professional approach to business issues and, above all, a symbol of a product with the highest European standards. The product range, regularly expanded by implementing newer and newer solutions, today includes over 120 serial items and an unlimited number of bespoke heating elements. From heaters dedicated to water tanks, therms, boilers, bathroom radiators to resistance radiators in electric heating systems for railway turnouts and heaters for tram switches. Heaters for galvanic and acidic baths, working in various environments and devices designed for special orders according to the highest engineering requirements.

Railway track and tram rails heating systems
Heating panels EPG 500

Launched in 2012, the initiative to introduce new products for electric switch point heating systems was preceded by a thorough study of market, its requirements, needs and performance capabilities of our company. ELIKO began studies on a unique solution of a waterproof head for heaters, whose absolute tightness was ensured by filling it with liquid resin, causing hermetic insulation of the wires while maintaining the heater’s lifetime and technical functions.

This engineered solution was accepted by companies specializing in the implementation of electric switch point heating systems onto railway tracks. These activities resulted in submitting our products to National Railway Institute for long lasting tests, very demanding validation process and final approval for use on railway tracks. After the whole procedure taking over one year, ELIKO obtained Certificate of Release for use of heating elements for electric switching points emphasizin the highest quality and robustness of products. Currently, we are a leader on the Polish market when it comes to execution and supply of investment in devices for electric switch point heating systems.

The highest quality of our products is appreciated by both the largest Polish producers and exporters from the broadly understood heating technology industry, as well as PKP automation plants, specialized in the comprehensive development of railway infrastructure in Poland.

Complete range of products dedicated to de-icing systems for rail infrastructure

Electric heaters type EGO
Heating panels type EPG500
– Crossover heaters type EGK
Closure rod heaters type EGZ
– Clamps for assembly of heaters type EUD

Full range of our products designed for water tanks – manufactured from scratch at ELIKO – is available on many markets thanks to the wide distribution both in Leroy Merlin, Castorama, Praktiker, OBI networks and hundreds of retail outlets spread all over Europe. Recognizable white covers of the thermostats of the heaters with a red logo are a guarantee of quality, reliability, modern styling and finally long, trouble-free operation of the device, which is the most important for our customers.

Railway track and tram rails heating systems
Electric heaters EGO

Today, after 40 years, the owners’ dream is to further strengthen ELIKO the leader in the production of electric heating devices in Europe, as well as technological research and development of products. The consequence of the plant modernization plans is the intensive expansion of technological lines and their automation. In 2019, efforts were made to purchase fully automated equipment for following production processes: automatic resistance coil winding, automatic tube cutting, automatic filling process, automatic annealing, sandblasting, automatic U-shape bending, automatic marking process, which definitely increase the robustness, repetability and reproducibility of ELIKO products as well as efficiency and quality of production processes.

ELIKO, apart from production activities, is a local leader in charity activities, including patronate of dozens of events, non-governmental organizations and cultural institutions. At ELIKO, we care about a positive perception of the image of the Company, as if creating a pro-ecological and sustainable environmental policy in line with the environmental criteria. If you ever see electric heating element marked ELIKO on the railway tracks, in water tanks, in therms, in a bathroom boiler or radiator think about us … warmly!

Обогрев железнодорожных и трамвайных путей

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