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«Railway Supply» magazine №5-2021

Release date : November, 2021

«Railway Supply» magazine №5-2021

«Railway Supply» is issued in two languages Ukrainian/Russian, although you can see the contents of the magazine in English


  • Locomotives of the future start from Ruse
  • Global leaders and trends in the rolling stock market
  • IRG-Rail assesses the impact of COVID-19 on the European rail market in 2020
  • Will Rail Baltica become a long-term construction project?
  • Overhaul and modernization of industrial diesel locomotives
  • Will Stadler move the plant from Belarus to Ukraine?
  • Unique trains of Japan: Design beyond reality
  • US rolling stock market: diesel locomotive construction heavyweights
  • The strangest locomotives in history: the first monorail
  • Steampunk locomotives
  • “TECHNOBUD GROUP” – Leading Ukrainian group of industrial enterprises – manufacturers and suppliers of non-metallic building materials
  • Traction motors for railway vehicles
  • Railway tools and equipment
  • Measuring technology for rolling stock monitoring
  • Equipment for surface treatment in the construction and repair of rolling stock
  • Rail fasteners
  • Repair of electric locomotives
  • Electrical heating systems for turnouts
  • Diesel and battery shunting locomotives
  • RWS Market
    – Rail freight
    – Railway track fastening
    – Rail transport
    – Engine spare parts
    – Other services for railway industry
    – Track maintenance equipment
    – Railway construction
    – Locomotive repair
    – Rubber goods for railway transport
    – Digital railway
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