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Release date : November, 2020

Railway magazine «Railway Supply» №5-2020

«Railway Supply» magazine №5-2020

«Railway Supply» is issued in two languages Ukrainian/Russian, although you can see the contents of the magazine in English


– Locomotive remotorization — the way of rolling stock renewal for the Ukrainian industrial companies
– Pilot project: the restoration of electric locomotives of DE1 and DS3 series
– Rolling out the mats for safety
– Private traction in Ukraine: the final stage!
– Will Ukrainian railway wheels go to Russia?
– Railway lifting systems and bridge inspection units
– Electrical heating systems for railway switches in extreme climatic conditions
– Spare parts for hydraulic transmission
– Rubber goods for railway transport
– Spare parts for 1D6, 1D12, U1D6-250TK diesel engines
– Diesel and battery shunting locomotives
– Switch point heaters for railway and tramway tracks!
– Time, watches and railway
– Isolation for railway switch fitting
– Lviv locomotive repair plant — repair of AC/DC electric locomotives
– Vilnius Locomotive Repair Depot
– Localization lessons: How Poland is developing its own rolling stock production
– Gauge adjustable wheelsets
– Maintenance of the diesel locomotives of TGK2, TGM1, TGM23, TGM40, TGM3, TGM4, TGM6, TEM2 series
– Rail drilling machine with petrol engine
– Painting the locomotive — it might seem like no big deal…
– Soviet “Maglev”, were there any chances?
– Technical manuals for the railway
– Kazakhstan Temir Zholy: Getting Out of the Debts
– Repair and modernization of the traction units of quarry railway transport
– RWS Market

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