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Release date : February, 2020

Railway magazine «Railway Supply» №2-2020

«Railway Supply» magazine №2-2020

«Railway Supply» is issued in two languages Ukrainian/Russian, although you can see the contents of the magazine in English

– Overhaul and modernization of the industrial locomotives
– Nobility against the Rothschilds: how the first Ukrainian railroad was build
– Rubber products for railway transport
– ELIKO — heating systems for railway and tram tracks
– Impact wrench for track maintenance
– Reliable partner in rolling stock repair and modernization
– Isolation for railway switch fitting
– Measuring equipment for railway and rolling stock
– Petrol engine rail cutter
– Heilmann steam-electric locomotives
– Repair of fuel equipment for D50 diesel
– Brake pads for locomotives and wagons
– Operating repair and overhaul of the diesel and battery locomotives
– Fitting for railway track
– Spare parts for hydraulic transmissions UGP-230, UGP-300, UGP-750/1200
– Track maintenance equipment
– 25 tons per axle — the real instrument of the increasing of cargo freight efficiency in Ukraine
– Wheelsets repair
– Scharfenberg coupler for cargo transportation
– Spare parts for diesel engnes 1D6, 1D12, U1D6-250TK, K661
– AFRICA RAIL 2020 — the event that changes railway world
– Spare parts for compressors KT-6, KT-7, PK35, PK-3,5, K2LOC, VV0,8/8-720, EK4, EK7
– High quality repair and maintenance of the locomotives
– Rail drilling machine with petrol engine
– RWS Market