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Railway magazine Railway Supply

Release date : March, 2021

Railway magazine «Railway Supply» №1-2021

«Railway Supply» is issued in two languages Ukrainian/Russian, although you can see the contents of the magazine in English


  • VLRD: Your reliable partner for the repair and modernization of rolling stock
  • We manufacture, repair, design and modernize electric motors!
  • Modernization of the locomotive of TGM4 series
  • From an abandoned train station to a cultural center
  • Electric railway switch heaters under extreme climatic conditions
  • The way of enterprise development is a perspective in technology!
  • Technical manuals for the railway
  • Automation of operations in intermodal terminals
  • National features of US freight cars
  • Overhaul and modernization of industrial diesel locomotives
  • Express Service locomotives – reliable solution for shunting
  • Rubber products for railway transport
  • Renovation of rolling stock in Poland: focus on localization
  • Maintenance of the diesel locomotives of TGK2, TGM1, TGM23, TGM40, TGM3, TGM4, TGM6, TEM2 series
  • ŚRUBENA-UNIA. Our products is very important for raylway industry
  • The Great Train Robberies: How Thieves Stopped a Diesel Locomotive with a Bag
  • Restoration of damaged and dismantled locomotives, complex types of repair of electric locomotives
  • Alpine Wonder Tunnels: Construction Boom
  • Annual advertising campaign in «Railway Supply» magazine
  • RWS Market

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