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Zaporizhia Locomotive Repair Plant

PJSC Zaporizhia Locomotive Repair Plant (ZERZ) is a diversified enterprise in Ukraine, founded in 1905 specializing in overhaul and modernization of:

• electric locomotives manufactured by Skoda (Czech Republic) – series
ChS-2, ChS-4, ChS-7, ChM-8;
• electric locomotives manufactured by NZVZ (Novocherkassk) – series
VL-80K, VL-80T, VL-80S, VL-82M;
• traction units for open-pit railway transport OP31, OP31A, OP31AM,
• traction and auxiliary electric machines of electric locomotives of the
VL and ChS series, diesel locomotives, traction units;
• wheelsets of electric locomotives of the VL and ChS series, electric
trains ER1, ER2, ER9 of traction units.
It performs the modernization and transformation of the electric locomotive VL-80T into the passenger electric locomotive VL40 and produces spare parts to order.

Nowadays Zaporizhia Electric Locomotive Repair Plant (ZERZ) is one of the largest enterprises for the repair of traction rolling stock in Ukraine.

The history of the plant’s uninterrupted operation indicates that our company fully provides modern and high-quality repair of electric locomotives, their high operational reliability and safety of train traffic.

Our company is always ready for cooperation. Zaporizhia Electric Locomotive Repair Plant (ZERZ) is a reliable and responsible partner capable of creative solving of complex problems.

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2 Zaliznychna Str, Zaporizhia, Ukraine, 69095
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