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Lviv Locomotive Repairing Plant

Lviv Locomotive Repairing Plant was founded in 1861.
Over the years, we have become one of the leading enterprises in Ukraine, which perform overhauls and modernization of electric locomotives.

We have established the production of linear products of electric cars, wheeled pairs and the manufacture of spare parts.

Due to a large number of technological developments, quality control at all stages of repair of electric locomotives and manufacture of spare parts from high-quality materials, our company provides the products and services that helps to save on electricity consumption and maintenance of rolling stock.

• Overhaul and modernization of AC electric locomotives
• Overhaul and modernization of DC electric locomotives
• Overhaul of AC traction electric motors
• Overhaul of DC traction electric motors
• Overhaul of auxiliary electric machines
• Overhaul with the modernization of traction units
• Wheelsets repair

PJSC ” Lviv Locomotive Repairing Plant ”
Address: 79018, Ukraine, Lviv, 1A Zaliznychna Street
Tel./fax.: +380 32 233 30 25
Stadnytskiy Oleksandr Mykhaylovych (stadnytsky_om@llrz.com.ua)
+380 67 802 0626 Acting Chairman of the Board of LVIV LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT. PJSC
Nazarkevych Pavlo Volodymyrovych (nazarkevych_pv@llrz.com.ua)
+380 67 340 5487 Administrator LVIV LOCOMOTIVE REPAIR PLANT. PJSC