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Оperating maintenance and overhaul of locomotives


Zaporizhia Locomotives Repair Plant Ltd.


Zaporizhia Locomotives Repair Plant
Address: Ukraine, Zaporizhia, 69067, vul. Demokratychna, 73
Repair and sales +38 095 500 10 02
Technical department +38 095 449 51 77
Marketing department +38 098 912 60 47, +38 095 574 00 44
Skype: Perekrestv

Оperating maintenance and overhaul of locomotives

Zaporizhia locomotives repair plant conducts remotorization of locomotives of the series TGK2, TGM23, TGM4, TGM4B, TGM6, TGM40, which allows to increase the maneuverability of locomotives, improve efficiency, reliability and safety of freight transportation, reduce operating costs and development pressure on the environment.

The plant conducts light and heavy overhauls, also it conducts modernization of industrial locomotives (TGK2, TGM23, TGM4, TGM6, TEM2, TEM7, M62, VL and other series)

The quality of the repair meets the requirements of corresponding documentation.