On the morning of 2 April, explosions were heard near the locomotive depot in Melitopol. Local media reported that the locomotive depot and an apartment building were damaged as a result of the shelling. Railway Supply magazine reported this, citing Rail.insider.


RIA Melitopol later clarified that the strike hit the diesel locomotive shop, where the locomotives were stationed. They were involved in the transportation of trains with ammunition and military equipment on the railway. In addition, a power substation supplying the railway line and depot was hit. Residents of Novoye Melitopol and Yurovka are without electricity.

Ukraine has already received 500 trains with weapons and ammunition from Western partners

“A crew from Crimea was called in to repair the substation after first hit in Melitopol. This morning they started the work, but they did not catch up”, – reports “RIA Melitopol”.

It is also noted that the occupants partially destroyed the roof of a residential building located near the depot with an air defence missile. Russian media are now reporting six casualties.

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