New locomotives for the Uzbekistan railways

The supply of powerful and modern locomotives from China for the Uzbekistan railways has begun, reports railway magazine «Railway Supply» referring to the website of JSC “Uzbekiston temir yullari”.

locomotives for railways

There are plans to supply 30 electric locomotives of Chinese consortium CNTIC CRRC DRLOCO and spare parts for them. The delivery time for electric locomotives is 2021-2022. The replenishment of the fleet with modern locomotives is carried out within the project “Renewal of the fleet of locomotives by purchasing locomotives” with financing from the Asian Development Bank.

During December, delivery of the 2nd batch of electric locomotives in the amount of 5 units (3 freight and 2 cargo-passenger) is expected. By the end of 2020, the Uzbekistan Railways expect the shipment of the third batch of electric locomotives in the amount of 3 units (3 freight). In 2021, 13 units of freight and 5 units of passenger-and-freight electric locomotives are expected.

As for today, the locomotive fleet of Uzbekiston Temir Yullari JSC has been updated by more than 50 percent.


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