LTG Cargo Polska has purchased four new locomotives for rail freight transport in Poland, informs Railway Supply magazine.

LTG Cargo Polska acquired four locomotives

They are talking about the Gama 111Ed locomotive with the Marathon operating system manufactured by the Polish company PESA Bydgoszcz. Gama Marathons are diesel-electric locomotives used by several companies in Poland.

LTG Cargo Polska has entered into an acquisition agreement with Rail Capital Partners, a rolling stock leasing company.

LTG Cargo Polska acquired four locomotives

At the end of December, LTG Cargo Polska received the right to operate trains in Poland with the help of its drivers.

As a reminder, on December 16, 2021, LTG Cargo Ukraine, the Ukrainian subsidiary of LTG Cargo, signed a preliminary agreement for the lease of two shunting diesel locomotives with the Agro-Region agricultural concern.

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