Locomotive remotorization — the way of rolling stock renewal for the Ukrainian industrial companies

In September 2020, ZTRZ (Zaporizhia locomotive rapair plant) presented remotorized locomotive TGM6. After locomotive overhaul the regular engine 3A-6D49 was replaced by Сummins QST30 L2.

Locomotive remotorization

The idea of TGM6 remotorization with own resources is cost-effective: the purchase of a new locomotive requires at least 60 million UAH. Remotorization with the installing of the new powerful Cummins engine, renewed hydraulic drive, full replacement of wheelsets and breaking system repair costs about 11 million UAH (excluding the cost of the engine itself).

As General director of ZTRZ Vitaly Perekrest said, remotorization project has confirmed its efficiency: fuel consumption decreased by 12%, motor oil consumption up to 60%.

ZRTR has more than ten fulfilled projects of locomotives remotorization including TGM23, TGM4, TEM7.

Zaporizhia Locomotives Repair Plant
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