From 23.03.2023 the Latvian Railway has established a conventional ban for the transport of all goods from all railway stations of the Belarusian Railways in the wagons of the inventory park of the BZD (carrier wagons), as well as wagons rented from the BZD. It means that from now on loaded and empty wagons registered under the ownership of BZD (code 21) will not be accepted on the territory of Latvia. This will affect even those transports which are hidden by BZD, e.g. by leasing their wagons. This is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to the Community of Railway Workers of Belarus.


The ban does not affect the freight cars of other owners (private cars), which allows Belkali, for example, to continue transportation in their products, but excludes transportation of petroleum products from Belarus, as only Belarusian Railways has tanks for this purpose.

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Of course, it is easier to prohibit transportation, the volumes of which have fallen to an unprecedented minimum when the main export from Belarus already bypasses Latvia. However, this is sure to add to the “piggy bank” of sanctions against the illegitimate authorities and administration of Belarusian Railways. In any case, this deprives BZD of logistical opportunities and also shows that the illegitimate Belarusian authorities are a pariah.

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