International Rail Conference

12 – 14 October
New Delhi, India

India has one of the largest railways network in the world which plays a critical role in economic and social development of the country. It has a network of 123,542 km of total tracks over a 67,415 km route and about 7,300 stations. Railways run close to 13,000 passenger trains carrying over 23 million passengers daily and 1 billion tonnes of freight every year.

In order to modernize and create a future ready’ railways, Indian Railways have launched the National Rail Plan. The plan envisages creation of capacity ahead of demand and increase in the share of Railways in freight traffic to 45%. It aims to accelerate implementation of critical projects, achieve 100% electrification, upgrade the speed of trains on certain routes and eliminate all level crossings on GQ/GD route, etc. by 2024.

Further, India is one of the largest markets for railway equipment and is expected to grow exponentially in coming years, driven by growing investments, technology innovation and expansion & modernisation plan of Railways by the Government of India and emphasis on “Make in India” initiative.

The Conference aims to facilitate high-level discussions on emerging scope and opportunities of partnership in the modernisation and expansion of Indian Railway, with an aim to supplement the efforts of Government of India to make a world-class Railways System in the country.

The conference will feature discussions around new and emerging technologies, domestic manufacturing ecosystem to promote Make in India-Make for the World, assets monetisation programme, dedicated freight corridors and urban transit system, opening new avenues for learning about the modern technologies available for the Indian Rail Transportation Sector through networking sessions.

International Rail Conference

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