InnoTrans 2022: Srubena Unia SP. Z O.O. (Hall 21 | 214)

SRUBENA UNIA S.A. is one of the largest fastener manufacturer in Poland and Europe. We have been serving a wide variety of industries, including railway structure fasteners since 1832 year with hot and cold formed fasteners as: bolts, screws, nuts and rivets.


The quality of our products is well known in the most of European Markets (Germany, Austria, Swiss, France, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Benelux, Scandinavian, Latvia, Lithuania), Australian, American and African Markets.

Have a look at our main production range for railways: Rectangle head coach screws for railway track, Clip bolts Hs 26; Hs 32, Square head bolts for turnouts, Track structure high tensile bearing type bolts rail joint, Hexagon head bolts with fixed washer, Fish bolts, Screws type Srb2a, Srb3, Srb6, Hexagon nuts for Clip bolts, Hexagon nuts with collar, Special screws.


Agnieszka Cislak

+48 33 4750550

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SRUBENA UNIA – railway screws, alloy bolts, fishbolts, connecting bolts for railroad ties, turnout screws

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