In June 2020, traction substation Konsthallen at the tram line №7 was successfully put into operation (Stockholm).

Storstockholms Lokaltrafik
Storstockholms Lokaltrafik

Tram line № 7 (Djurgårdslinjen) — is one of the 4 tram lines in Stockholm. It connects the eastern part of Skansen and Stockholm center with well-known glass obelisk in Sergels Torg square. Since 2005 the line is in ownership of Municipal Company “Storstockholms Lokaltrafik AB”.

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In 2019 municipal company “Storstockholms Lokaltrafik AB” (SL) starts working on new substation Konsthallen at the tram line №7 and involves PLUTON into cooperation. PLUTON experts carried out equipment development and supply, as well as commissioning supervision. By mid-2020 works were finished, and the substation was successfully put into operation.


The substation was built for electric power supply of tram №7, that operates in a loop located in the center of Stockholm, and were to be placed near the Vasa Museum, one of the main sightseeing attractions in Stockholm, and Skansen, the oldest heritage open-air museum. So, during project implementation general contractor faced the challenge — to keep safe architectural complex of historic city center. For this reason PLUTON provided compact and reliable equipment, that allowed minimizing space for substation placement, as well as architectural interventions.

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Withing the frame of the project traction substation Konsthallen was equipped with reliable and modern PLUTON equipment: withdrawable rectifier and DC switchgears, that completely meet the requirements of international standard EN 50123-6:2003+A1:2014 «Railway applications. Fixed installations. D.C. switchgear. D.C. switchgear assemblies».

Konsthallen became the first substation in Europe with implemented DC switchgears with innovative and unique PLUTON solution — AFB arc-free ultra high-speed circuit breaker with improved operational characteristics. It has no damaging arc in the equipment, damaging of contacts and no combustion products emission upon emergency trippings. AFB circuit breaker is equipped with control and internal monitoring system provides complete all-sufficient control of circuit breaker and its components, and fulfills all necessary functions, including protection, as well as remote control and measurement.

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Application of DC switchgear with AFB arc-free ultra high-speed circuit breaker allowed PLUTON experts to introduce on European level completely new solution that requires minimum maintenance and combines reliability, safety for personnel and high-speed operation in one compact unit.

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