During the meeting of the UZ Export Office, it was announced that during January and February of this year Ukrainian railroads transported 22.5 million tons of cargo, which compared to the same period in 2022 is less by 26 million tons. Grain remains the main export cargo, but ore shipments are also on the rise, Railway Supply magazine reported, citing Rail.insider.

UZ transportation

10.24 million tons of cargo (45.5% of total volumes) were transported for export in January-February 2023. This is 9.1 million tons, or 47.1% less than during the same period in 2022. In the structure of export shipments for February 2023, the first place is taken by grain cargo – 2,894,000 tons (57%). Ore iron and manganese is on the second position (1 mln 317 thousand tons, or 26%), followed by ferrous metals (321 thousand tons, or 6%).

Production of freight cars in Russia decreased by almost 22% in 2022

According to UZ, grain shipments are negatively affected by insufficient work of the “grain corridor”. During January, the number of trips of ships from Ukrainian ports was recorded at the level of 2-3 ships a day, while it was necessary at least 8-10 ships. This is primarily due to artificial blocking of “grain corridor” operation by Russian inspectors.

At the same time ore shipments increased significantly in January-February compared with November-December 2022 – by 904 thousand tons. This was achieved due to the intensified work of European steel mills.

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