FLIRT travels 185 kilometers on batteries

Stadler has successfully completed a research project that began in 2018. It consisted of the development and testing of battery technology on rail vehicles produced by a Swiss company. The test sample (three-piece FLIRT), on which the experiments were carried out, covered 185 kilometers on a single charge, far beyond the manufacturer’s expectations, informs Railway Supply magazine citing information from Stadler.

FLIRT travels 185 kilometers on batteries
Picture: Stadler

Installed batteries are charged as the FLIRT moves “under the overhead wire”. When the train enters a non-electrified line, power is switched to the batteries.

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Since its presentation in 2018, the certified train has traveled 15 thousand kilometers on batteries alone. The project team has paid particular attention to testing possible scenarios such as surges and extreme weather conditions to test the battery’s response.

“In the summer of 2019, we tested the batteries on the FLIRT during a heat of 40 degrees Celsius and with full use of the air conditioner, and in the winter of 2021 – at double-digit sub-zero temperatures,” says Stadler spokesman Evelyn Thiel.


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