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Flat car 13-9570


CJSC Osipovichi Transport Engineering Plant (OZTM)


Republic of Belarus, 213760, Mogilev region, Osipovichi, st. Ring, 1
Pinchuk Natalya Nikolaevna
Head of Marketing and Sales Department
Mobile phone +375(44) 5420500
Tel. +375(2235) 60584; +375(2235) 65346
Fax: +375(02235) 64012;
E-mail: sales@oztm.by, marketing@oztm.by

Flat car 13-9570 | Freight rolling stock

Designed for the transportation of large-capacity containers, including tank containers 20 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet on 1520 mm gauge railways.

The platform car is equipped with:

  • Non-swivel or swivel fitting stops (24 pcs.) for excluding containers tipping.

Specifications of the platform car 13-9570

Carrying capacity, t – 69.5
Wagon tare weight, t — 23.9
Car base, mm — 18 500
The length of the car along the coupling axes of automatic couplers, mm – 25690
Maximum height from the level of the top of the rail heads, mm – 1621
Load of wheelsets on rails, kN — 230.5
Number of axles, pcs — 4
Width of the car along the side beams, mm – 2580
Height from the level of the rail heads to the axis of the automatic coupler, mm – 1060
Design speed, m/s (km/h) — 33.3 (120)
Trolley according to GOST 9246: 18-9770, 18-9896, 18-9922
Types of transported containers of the ISO series: 1EEE, 1EE, 1AAA, 1AA, 1A, 1AX, 1BBB, 1BB, 1B, 1BX, 1CC, 1C, 1CX
Types of tank containers carried: ISO series 1: 1CC, 1C, SWAP: 1CC
Dimensions according to GOST 9238 – 1-T
Service life — 32 years

Acquisition of OZTM products is possible through leasing companies on favorable terms for the buyer.