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Flat car 13-9569


CJSC Osipovichi Transport Engineering Plant (OZTM)


Republic of Belarus, 213760, Mogilev region, Osipovichi, st. Ring, 1
Pinchuk Natalya Nikolaevna
Head of Marketing and Sales Department
Mobile phone +375(44) 5420500
Tel. +375(2235) 60584; +375(2235) 65346
Fax: +375(02235) 64012;
E-mail: sales@oztm.by, marketing@oztm.by

Flat car 13-9569 | Freight rolling stock

Designed ftransportation of wheeled and tracked vehicles, packaged and piece cargoes, timber cargoes, large-capacity containers of various sizes, tank containers and other specialized containers, container-type cargoes, including containers with autonomous diesel generator sets, detachable bodies, cargoes with fittings, can be used for transportation of cargoes via railways with 1520 mm gauge.

The platform car is equipped with:

  • fixed fitting stops – 16 pcs. (or swivel fitting stops at the request of the customer);

  • end boards.

Types of transported containers: Series 1 ISO – 1EEE, 1EE, 1AAA, 1AA, 1A, 1AX, 1BBB, 1BB, 1B, 1BX, 1CCC, 1CC, 1C, 1CX, 1D, 1DX.
Types of transported tank containers: Series 1ISO – 1SS, 1C. SWAP series – 1CC, 1C.

Specifications of the platform car 13-9569

Carrying capacity, t – 71.5
Tare weight, t — 22.0
Estimated static load of wheelset on the rails, kN (tf) – 230.5
The length of the car along the coupling axes of automatic couplers, mm – 14620
Car base, mm – 9720
Car width, mm: along the side beams / along the glasses of forest racks / maximum: 2830/3072/3110
Loading characteristics of the flooring of the frame, mm: length/width/height from the level of the rail head to the level of the flooring: 13380/2820/1350
The length of the car along the end beams, mm – 13400
Height from the level of the rail head, maximum, mm – 1760
Height from the level of the rail head to the axis of the automatic coupler, mm – 1060
Maximum design speed, m / s (km / h) – 33.3 (120)
Track width, mm – 1520
Dimensions according to GOST 9238-2013 – 0-VM
Equipped with end boards

Trolley type 2 according to GOST9246 – 18-9896 or 18-9922

Acquisition of OZTM products is possible through leasing companies on favorable terms for the buyer.