Eight new projects will be funded under the Europe’s Rail 2022-2 joint project for rail research and innovation. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rail Research Europa.

Smart city

Co-financing from Europe’s Rail will amount to 11.7 million euros. These projects are part of the Europe’s Rail program aimed at strengthening of scientific and technological discoveries, covering research and innovation in the field of new approaches for guided modes of transport.

Fitting platform for 200 tons of cargo

More concretely, the eight new projects will support the creation of a rail scientific community, including PhDs, look into new railway station concepts for green and socially inclusive smart cities, support the development of an industrial roadmap for digital automatic couplers (DAC), as well as address and identify opportunities on how rail SMEs can build resilience in terms of European rail supply chain.

In addition, the projects will develop harmonized methods for evaluating the European dynamic interface between railway bridges and rolling stock, and provide an overview of the rail freight services available in Europe using a simple, free web interface. Other projects will explore cutting-edge innovations that can be applied not only to rail transport, but also to road transport, as well as exploring the possibilities of using maglev technology as a traction force for rail transport in Europe.

The Call for Proposals 2022-2, as all EU-Rail calls, was open to all eligible entities in accordance with Horizon Europe rules of participation, to ensure broader representation of the European scientific expertise for rail and beyond.

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