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European gauge railway bogies 3TNk type Y25Ls series




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European gauge railway bogies (1435 mm)

We offer railway bogies for European gauge 1435 mm, 3TNk type Y25Ls series. 384 units are available.

The bogies of 3TNk type Y25Ls series are suitable for all four-axle freight wagons. 1520 mm gauge wagons for traffic within the EU must have a loading gauge of 0-BM, 1-BM with possible traffic restrictions on certain routes or 2-BM, 3-BM without traffic restrictions. Model 19-752 is suitable for Ukrainian grain carriers.

Additional information:
1. Year of bogies production: 1983-2011
2. Operation until 2024-27 (can be extended)
3. Model – 3TNk Y25Ls
4. Wear of wheels is up to 40% maximum, tires can be replaced. Everything is determined by the buyer during the selection.
5. Shipment: Eastern Europe countries
6. Manufacturer: Tatra
7. Bogies are original and unmodified
8. Certificates will be given during the shipment

– letter of intent
– contract
– approval of the inspection date
– inspection
– bogies selection according to technical condition and documentation
– payment
– shipment, delivery.
At the request of the buyer it is possible to make batch payments or payment for the entire volume. Delivery can be arranged by rail or road transport.