The Elf EN62-001 is the only train of its kind that comes with a strange 50-year warranty and is no longer running. The Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, which owns it, cannot yet carry out P5 routine maintenance. Passengers use old EN-57 trains. It is reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to Rynek Kolejowy.


The tender for the purchase of the train was criticized from the very beginning. The voivodeship decided to purchase one two-section electric train. As it turned out later, EN62-001, bought for PLN 16 million, is the only vehicle of this type in Poland, which increases the cost of maintenance. The absurd 50-year warranty on a train which is supposed to work only 30 years is the result of tender criteria. The electric train was not lucky from the very beginning, it broke down on the road during a promotion run. Voivodship authorities and children from the orphanage, whom the railway workers decided to ride on the new train, sat without electricity for an hour and a half until another locomotive arrived.

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In November 2017, the vehicle was stopped due to lack of P4 scheduled maintenance. The voivodeship has been negotiating with the manufacturer for almost a year to reduce the cost, but in the end it paid PLN 3.8 million, which is as much as the manufacturer initially demanded.

Now the same situation is happening with the new P5 maintenance, which is needed surprisingly early: after 10 years of not very intensive use. Polregio, which leases the electric train, says it will no longer be able to use the vehicle for transportation after November 20. At the stage of negotiating the contract with the local government, Pesa Bydgoszcz estimated the maintenance at about PLN 13 million, but the voivodship, as the owner, did not find the funds to carry out it. Polregio will not maintain the vehicle on its own, because this would significantly increase the cost of the contract for the provision of transport services for the voivodship. Polregio is very interested in the further use of the vehicle, but only after all routine maintenance has been carried out.

Currently, the unfortunate train is standing in Iława and its further fate is unknown. The train has to go through routine maintenance, and Polregio said that in such a situation they were not interested in it. We thought about selling, but no one wants to buy it. Not only does Polregio not want to pay for an maintenance, but they also want money to store it. We are looking for a way out of the situation, because it is a modern train, and it is a pity that it cannot be used, – said the deputy head of the voivodeship Marcin Kuczynski.

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