Electrical heating systems for railway switches

Heaters for the railway switches effectively removes snow and ice from the track in winter. Railway switches is the most sensitive component of railway tracks, since they contain a large number of mobile mechanical elements.

Electrical heating systems for railway switches

One of the biggest sources of disruption for a rail system in winter is weather related disturbances in switch operation. Snow or ice in the switch points often causes loss of switch function, which in turn results in disrupted train services and very large costs for the society. There are several different methods to keep track switches clear of snow and ice, ranging from manual sweeping and ice hacking to different systems for melting snow and ice.

Within a joint project with the German company ESA Elektroschaltanlagen Grimma GmbH (developer and manufacturer of automatic control systems for electric heating of railway switches), Teplolux-Dnepr LLC offers a complete integrated solution for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of electric heating systems on Ukrzaliznytsia and industrial enterprises railways.

Point rail heater WL 1000W/3000mm

Reverse gear heater RKW 2x450W/2520mm

Point rail heater WL 1500W/4000mm

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