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Dry container G1-76


CJSC Osipovichi Transport Engineering Plant (OZTM)


Republic of Belarus, 213760, Mogilev region, Osipovichi, st. Ring, 1
Pinchuk Natalya Nikolaevna
Head of Marketing and Sales Department
Mobile phone +375(44) 5420500
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E-mail: sales@oztm.by, marketing@oztm.by

Dry container G1-76 | Freight rolling stock

The container is designed for the transportation of packaged cargo by road, rail and water transport in domestic and international traffic.

Specifications of dry cargo container G1-76

Universal container – models G1-76
Dimension according to ISO 668 – 1ААА
Type and size code according to ISO 6346 – 45G1
The maximum allowable gross weight, kg – 32500
Weight of an empty container (tare), no more than, kg – 3900
Maximum load capacity, kg – 28600
Permissible weight of the upper containers when stacking, kg – 213360
Overall dimensions, mm: length/width/height: 12192/2438/2896
Internal dimensions, mm: length/width/height: 12029/2352/2698
Distance between centers of corner fittings, mm: length/width: 11985/2259
Distance difference between projection points of axes of diagonal-opposite corner fittings, not more than, mm: along end walls/side walls/roof: 10/19/19
Doorway dimensions, mm: width/height: 2340/2590
Dimensions of the gooseneck tunnel, mm: tunnel length / tunnel width: 3310 / 1030
Internal volume, m3 – 76.2
Operating temperature range, °С — from -50 to +70
Universal container model G1-76 – 40 feet

Acquisition of OZTM products is possible through leasing companies on favorable terms for the buyer.