A preliminary program plan of 40 short, medium and long term infrastructure projects to improve the productivity and capacity of the railway network was prepared by Deutsche Bahn as a basis for discussion with the government. Railway Supply writes about this with reference to the Railway Gazette.


The proposals cover 4,200 km of tracks, with completion scheduled for 2030. The program will improve operational efficiency, reduce overall closure time, and stop construction work within a few years. Long-term planning will also allow detour routes to be prepared before major work begins.

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“We want to expand heavily used sections of our rail network to a high-performance network,” said Berthold Huber, DB Board Member for Infrastructure, on February 9.

“The first corridors have already been identified: the general reconstruction of the railway between Frankfurt and Mannheim will begin in the summer of 2024, and the Hamburg-Berlin and Emmerich-Oberhausen corridors a year later. How and where to proceed after that will be up to the federal government to decide. I am glad that now we can move on to further negotiations with a specific proposal.”

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