CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles has announced the completion of the first tests of China’s first superconducting maglev system. Operational tests have confirmed the operability of key system technologies, including the magnetolevolution system, guideways, traction power supply system and operational communication systems. This was reported by Railway Supply magazine with reference to IRJ.

CRRC maglev

CRRC Changchun has also tested superconductors, an inductive power supply system and a low-temperature magnetic suspension rail cooling system. Testing of the system, which has a top speed of 600 km/h, was carried out in a low-vacuum tube.

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Changchun, deputy general engineer at CRRC, says the maglev will be an important solution to create high-speed transport systems connecting megacities in China’s developed coastal areas. It will also provide vital support for urban development and diversification of national transport networks, he says.

CRRC Changchun began working on the research and development of magnetic suspension in the 1990s. Its magnetic suspension system with a maximum speed of 120km/h started operating as a tourist attraction in Qingyuan city in Guangdong province on March 24.

The rolling stock manufacturer also supplied magnetic suspension technology for the line, which opened as part of the Shanghai Metro in 2002.

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