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Camco Vehicle Booking System


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Camco Technologies
Werner Peeters
Project Manager – Business Development
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Camco Vehicle Booking System. Connecting Terminal, Haulers and Truck Drivers

Vehicle Booking System. Camco Truck Appointment System for better truck flow management. Truck appointment software application connecting terminal, trucking companies and truck drivers. Timeslot application enables to flatten out peaks, avoid traffic congestion and better plan yard operations. Significantly shorter truck turnaround times with upfront registered data.

The Camco VBS or truck appointment system is an intuitive truck booking tool connecting Intermodal, transport companies and truck drivers. VBS enables the efficient management of incoming and outgoing transport, ensuring efficient intermodal truck gate operations and minimal truck turnaround times. The better truck-flow avoids traffic congestion and considerably avoids service desk interventions.

In combination with time slot allocation, the web-based Camco VBS can set time slots and quota for gate transactions to distribute container drop-off and pick-up throughout the day. Flattening out traffic peaks allows reducing traffic congestions, the number of gates and gate footprint. An even flow of arrivals contributes to better housekeeping, as well as better yard and train planning.

An optional VBS mobile app enables individual truck drivers to better manage drop-off or pick-up jobs and complete missing data before presenting at the gate allowing immediate access.

Better Management Of In- And Outbound Trucks

  • Better truck flow control, shorter truck turnaround
  • Improved gate management at peak moments
  • Fewer service desk interventions
  • Increased throughput
  • Improved housekeeping
  • Truck companies: Faster truck turnaround time
  • Truck drivers: immediate access to in-gates, better time-management
  • Seamless integration with GOS and TOS