Camco Technologies helps BCTN Ablasserdam towards digitization

Camco Technologies has been selected as gate automation partner at the BCTN Terminal Alblasserdam. The partnership will speed up the terminal automation processes. With the help of 2 bi-directional Camco Truck OCR portals, BCTN Ablasserdam will have fast access to truck and cargo data. The new OCR portal will also help to increase truck and container turnaround, improving customer experience for the BCTN Alblasserdam +500 customers, infroms Railway Supply magazine referring to the Camco Technologies.

Camco Technologies

The BCTN Terminal Alblasserdam is just one of the 10 BCTN terminals located in The Netherlands and Belgium. Strategically located, Ablasserdam links the port of Rotterdam with the Dutch hinterland. With a capacity of 140.000 TEU and with 8 calls per week to Rotterdam, the Alblasserdam terminal handles all container types for all major carriers, relying on its own BCTN barge fleet. To meet increasing demand, BCTN Ablasserdam is investing in additional infrastructure as well as in automation. A second gantry crane is expected to be in operation as from the first quarter of 2022. Embracing the digital transformation, BCTN has teamed up with Camco Technologies for the automated identification and registration of all in- and outbound trucks and containers.

With the help of 2 bidirectional Camco Truck OCR portals, BCTN Ablasserdam will have fast and accurate access to in- and outgoing truck and cargo data. Data from the checks will feed the Modity Terminal Operating System, allowing efficient planning of road, yard, quay and barge operations. The Camco portals are equipped with high-end area and line-scan cameras. On-camera and AI image recognition algorithms provide fast and accurate truck and container data when trucks drive through the camera portal: truck LPR, container number, ISO code, IMDG labels and classification, as well as seal presence will be checked with the best accuracy rates available on the market. Crystal clear pictures will provide information for condition recording and help BCTN assessing damage claims.

BCTN CEO Joop Mijland awarded Camco the new project for several reasons: “Camco is a robust and reference partner, with senior consultants understanding the process and thinking in smart solutions. Camco also outpaced the competition with a commercial proposal. Last but not least, with future investments in the Belgian BCTN terminals, Camco seemed the natural choice for the next automation projects”.

For Camco, the new partnership offers opportunities for further expansion alongside BCTN. Jan Bossens, CEO Camco Technologies: “We are convinced our expertise will increase performance and create value at the Ablasserdam terminal. We are delighted to finally partner with BCTN, a pioneer in container barge terminals with an impressive track record dating back from 1987. On our wish-list for many years, we are grateful to BCTN for getting us on board. We are looking forward to a fruitful and sustainable partnership “.

About BCTN

BCTN is the leading inland barge terminal owner and operator in the Benelux region, with a total capacity to handle more than 1,2 million TEU annually. Via its inland terminal network, BCTN transports containers to and from the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Zeebrugge. In 2019 BCTN was rewarded a 3rd Lean & Green Star for reaching its sustainable development goals.

About Camco Technologies :

Camco Technologies is a pioneer and market leader in terminal automation. The Camco Technology proprietary vision and location-based solutions for gate automation, crane and rail OCR are the most performing available on the market. Camco Technologies solutions have been implemented in +250 terminals across the globe.

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