Camco Technologies. Automation of the container hand-over process in Intermodal terminals

Camco Technologies is a pioneer and market leader in image recognition technologies providing terminals accurate data and insights to improve terminal efficiency.

The Camco portfolio of terminal Gate Automation, Rail OCR and Crane OCR solutions significantly improve operations in more than 250 terminals across the world. The Camco OCR solutions are acknowledged as offering the best accuracy rates in the market, minimizing exceptions handling and the number of manual interventions, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Automation of the container hand-over process in Intermodal terminals
Portal Camco Rail OCR

Camco Rail OCR: automatic registration of containers, railcars and semi-trailers

Camco’s Rail OCR portal scans complete trains and captures crucial data while trains enter the terminal, without hindering or delaying operations.

The Camco Rail OCR portal is equipped with powerful AI-cameras as well as line-scan cameras and LED lights for night operations.

Registering containers, railcars as well as semi-trailers 24/7 allows the terminal and rail operators to automatically compare the data with train and cargo information provided by the departure terminal.

It is also a powerful tool for terminal operators to update train inventories and fasten train handling, hence improving train turnaround time. Last but not least, the Camco Rail OCR portal captures sharp pictures of the container long, short and top sides allowing effective claims management.

Camco Rail OCR - Automation of the container hand-over process in Intermodal terminals.
Camco Rail OCR – Automation of the container hand-over process in Intermodal terminals.

Camco Rail Portal: Best-in-class accuracy!

Camera-mounted image analysis processors and proprietary deep-learning algorithms provide fast and accurate information of single, double track or double stacked trains, regardless train length.

Camco Rail Portal
Camco Rail Portal

The Camco OCR Rail portal is capable of reading:

  • Container number and ISO code
  • Semi-Trailer number
  • Railcar number
  • Dangerous Goods label (IMDG)
  • Container door direction

Apart from railcar or cargo identification, the camera provides sharp pictures enabling easy damage inspection and effective claims management.

Data processing with Train Gate Operator application

Before the OCR data is sent to the Terminal Operating System (TOS), the Rail Gate Operator application allows staff to remotely and visually inspect the condition of each container, semi-trailer and railcar and validate the processed data.

Data processing with Train Gate Operator application
Data processing with Train Gate Operator application

The validation process takes only a few minutes and can be performed by a gate clerk. The Camco Train Gate Operator software enables exception handling of multiple rail portals even from one single remote location. Once the data has been validated, the processed data is sent to the TOS.

Managing Intermodal and Rail Terminal Access

The Camco Rail OCR portal is just one of the Camco Terminal Solutions portfolio: Camco’s Gate Automation solution comprises Vehicle Booking System, Truck OCR gates, gate access kiosks and the Gate Operation System. The gate automation system enables terminals to register all in- and outbound trucks and better manage truck flows at the terminal gate.

Pictures for condition recording are also available. Camco Crane OCR allows to register container and semi-trailer moves by cantilever ARMG cranes. All OCR hardware comes with appropriate software applications for exception handling and condition recording and integrate seamlessly with the Terminal Operating System.

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