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Camco Crane OSR solutions. RMG-CAM: Double checking container and trailer data during crane operations

The Camco RMG-CAM camera is designed for increased efficiency in railside and landside operations. Complementing the Camco Rail Camera Portal with the RMG-CAM will take automated container handling to the next level: the camera portal creates an inventory of containers from all incoming trains and shares this with the TOS; the RMG-CAM performs an additional check to validate load lists and avoid inventory errors.

The new RMG-CAM camera system automatically captures, identifies and registers containers or trailers during handling by Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes, without disrupting crane operations: there is no impact on the container’s or trailer’s flight path  nor the crane’s uptime. A typical setup is based on a pair of high-end industrial high-speed cameras fixed onto the RMG crane legs.

With unobstructed views towards the container’s flight path, the cameras will capture images of each passing container’s front and rear, on a fix height or within a window of 10 meters by use of a dynamic rail solution. With images of long sides available from the Rail or Truck OCR portal, data can be double-checked and more pictures are available for condition recording. To support 24/7 operations in all weather conditions, the cameras are equipped with built-in LED light projectors which produce optimal on-demand light conditions.

Seamless TOS integration ensures that the data is instantly sent to the TOS, ultimately improving operational efficiency. Camco RMGCAM crane OCR solution is highly accurate and engineered for reliability and high availability. The RMG-CAM can be mounted on service rails, allowing easy access for maintenance. The system’s guaranteed longevity results in short ROI times.

The most performant RMG OCR/OFR system

  • Automated container registration
  • Container front and rear check
  • Supports 20/40ft containers
  • Unclosed door and seal presence check
  • Exception handling through Crane Operator Application
  • Optional service rails for maintenance
  • Seamless TOS integration