Camco Technologies: Industry reference in vision-based terminal automation solutions. Camco Technologies develops and markets visual-assisted terminal, gate and crane automation systems and solutions for Container, Ro-Ro, Intermodal and Rail Terminals. Our products and solutions enable our customers to increase the efficiency, productivity, safety and cost effectiveness of their operations.

Automation solutions for container, intermodal and railway terminals

Our automation solutions have been designed to work in all conditions, for every terminal and with every process. The modular setup, carefully selected components and easy maintenance make our products the best choice for terminal operators looking for a solid and carefree solution.

As a recognized leader in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OFR (Optical Feature Recognition) we offer the best accuracy rates in the market, minimizing the number of manual interventions, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Being a long-term player in the marine and railroad market, Camco offers a unique combination of high-class products, high-end engineering and high-value expertise of terminal and gate operations. Exceeding customer expectations is our ubiquitous goal. We are therefore the best partner for developing and implementing your turnkey terminal and gate automation solutions.


Gate automation for truck, train and vessel. Access control, yard interchange and position detection systems. Camco’s solutions empower your terminal to detect and register all incoming and outgoing traffic.


Automatic registration of railcars, containers and semi-trailers facilitates the job of planners and equipment drivers, enhancing overall efficiency and safety.


Gate automation and condition tracking systems for Ro-Ro terminals handling containers and trailers. High definition pictures allow effective damage claims management.

About Camco Technologies:

Camco Technologies is a pioneer in the automation of the container handover process. The Camco Technologies image recognition and locationbased automation solutions provide accurate and essential data for terminals to optimize operations. Our proprietary hardware and software solutions integrate seamlessly with any terminal operation system and are implemented in more than 250 terminals all over the world.

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