Digitizing border crossing data that empowers intermodal terminals on the Eurasian railroad

Edward Bowen, CEO of CrossborderXP (CBXP), shares his insights on how an effective e-commerce tool can accelerate the supply chain on the international rail freight corridors.

Automated Transborder Trade Integrated Settlements

What can you tell us about ATTIS?

The Automated Transborder Trade Integrated Settlements platform (ATTIS), developed by CrossborderXP, is a one-stop trade and logistics software system which supports digitalisation efforts and connects terminals and logistic hubs across the Eurasian Rail corridor from China to Europe and beyond.

Through one unified platform, ATTIS powers data management and transformation for trade declarations, mainly import and export declarations submission to various agencies on the Eurasian rail from China to Europe. It also serves as a system of records for trade related data and documents required for statutory compliance.

Automated Transborder Trade Integrated Settlements
Automated Transborder Trade Integrated Settlements

Instead of having to manage a multitude of compliance requirements across multiple countries, users only need to input their trade data and documents into the ATTIS platform for automatic trade declarations processing – generating them in local and respective cross-border regulatory formats for compliance submission.

Real-time dashboard, alerts, status, data reuse and electronic integration drive better collaboration, increase visibility among stakeholders and reduce compliance complexities.

Why is there a need for one unified software platform on the Eurasian corridor?

By implementing a centralised logistics execution platform, it will allow intermodal terminals and logistics service providers across various countries on the Eurasian corridor, to run complex transactions for customs and cross-border compliance and manage operations on one centralized database.

Bringing terminals across the trade value chain onto a single platform, ATTIS enables end-to-end digital trade. Traders can tap on a range of trade-related value-added services such as cargo freight booking, trade financing, cargo insurance, customs declarations and payment reconciliation. These services will allow them to arrange shipments, improve cash flow, and better manage trade compliance, all on one platform.

What would you say makes the ATTIS solution stand out from others within the industry?

Besides that, the development of our software platform ATTIS is based on a team’s combined knowledge and years of successful world class experiences in various critical sectors, we roll out our solution with end-to-end IT integration combined with smart vision-based technology.

By partnering with Camco Technologies, we deepen our commitment to simplify the entire trade management process with trade compliance information and facilitation tools that automate routine tasks.

Automated Transborder Trade Integrated Settlements

Camco’ s Rail OCR portal serves for over 20 years intermodal terminals with artificial intelligence and deep learning OCR technology. Their system provides our clients a complete inventory with a remote visual inspection and automatic identification of the containers and railcars coming towards or leaving their terminal.

The combination of our digital trade information with their data of railcar and train positioning, will simplify and accelerate the entire trade management process with trade compliance information and facilitation tools that automate routine tasks, give you compliance confidence, and save time.

And it reduces turnaround times for faster throughput while delivering fingertip control of customs management information in real-time.

CrossborderXP is a private company, based in Dublin and incorporates a wide range of specialized skills in the financial, logistic, IT and operational spheres. The development of the software platform ATTIS is based on the team’s combined knowledge and years of successful experiences in various critical sectors.

For more information: www.crossborderxp.com

Camco Technologies is a Belgium-based private company that develops and markets visual-assisted terminal, gate and crane automation systems and solutions for marine and railway terminals.

For more information: www.camcotechnologies.com

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